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Commitment to the Community

S&T Bank understands the needs of families. Our employees live and work nearby. They have deep roots in the communities we serve, and their familiarity is reflected in the business we conduct and the causes we support as an institution.

From branch to branch, and throughout our entire footprint, S&T continues to demonstrate our dedication to providing the best financial products and services to our customers right where they live and work.

We share in the responsibility of creating a better community in the way we provide loans to municipalities and nonprofit organizations, donations to qualified charities, and assistance to local housing authorities providing affordable housing for low-income families and senior citizens.

The S&T Foundation, established in 2011, is our partnership with our employees, our customers and the community to make a difference in the lives of those we value most. Lifetime charitable contributions or commitments by the S&T Foundation will continue to grow as we develop new partnerships in our newest communities.

Our continued involvement with programs established by the American Bankers Association, including Teach Children to Save and Get Smart About Credit, have amounted to working with nearly 5,000 students at 75 school locations in 2014 alone. During 2014 we also distributed nearly $180,000 to upwards of 30 schools through the Educational Improvement Tax Corporation (EITC). Our hands-on approach to financial education is also a key priority for our expanding team. To date, we’ve conducted nearly hundreds of lessons with elementary and middle school students to grow their fiscal knowledge and continue to increase that number each year.

Relationship banking is at the core of all that we do. We believe that our philanthropic efforts and volunteerism are woven into the fabric at S&T, where staffers support fundraisers and walk-a-thons each year to benefit a range of nonprofits. Our employees are encouraged to participate at every level – from volunteering at the finish line, to helping manage the flow of the event and everything in between.

Our approach to serving our neighbors is and always will be based on our focus of Relationship Banking...One Customer at a Time.

Commitment to Our Customers

Our success is dependent upon that of our customers. Our dependability, integrity and accountability is reflected in theirs.

There’s no better measurement of S&T’s success than our high level of customer satisfaction. We have the awards to prove it, but it’s also on the faces of those we serve.

Our customers come from all walks of life. No matter who they are, S&T provides tools and resources to help each of them succeed.

Everyday, the people of S&T Bank are committed to our customers, providing the kind of expertise and experience they want to come back to again and again.

Commitment to Our Employees

S&T understands that we are only as good as our employees. That’s why S&T hires only the best and brightest, and provides a work environment where they can thrive.

One indication of our dedication to fostering a positive work experience for our employees is the national recognition we’ve received most recently from Sandler O’Neill as one of the country’s “Sm-All Stars,” a distinction earned due to our operations and customer dedication.

Other examples of our community dedication include acknowledgement from AARP as a "Best Employer for Workers Over 50” for exemplary practices in the recruitment, retention and promotion of older workers. In addition S&T was specifically recognized for creating a workplace that supports the contributions of older workers to the business community.

While S&T Bank is committed to our employees, our employees are also committed to each other. The Helping Hands Fund was established in 2001 to assist S&T staffers coping with personal emergencies. Employees voluntarily donate vacation days to help their colleagues. These contributions are sourced from volunteers and distributed based on need to ensure that every member of our S&T Bank team is cared for during all of life’s moments.