Press Release

Contact: Jim Gibson
President and CEO Integrity Bank

Integrity Bank Announces “More. Faster. Better.” Banking

First Branch of Integrity Bank to Open in Camp Hill

Camp Hill, Pa. (June 2, 2003)— With a power Board of prestigious business men and women, capital investments far exceeding projections, a seasoned banking staff and a roster of innovative banking products and services firmly in place, Jim Gibson, Integrity Bank President and CEO, proudly announced that the first branch of Integrity Bank, located at 3345 Market Street in Camp Hill, will open its doors to the banking public for business on Saturday, June 7, 2003.

“The days of “More. Faster. Better.” banking in Harrisburg will arrive with the opening of the new Integrity Bank,” said Gibson. “Those three words—More, Faster and Better— are at the core of our structure, our plans, our products and services, and are the cornerstones of our opening communications campaign because they best describe a multitude of ways that Integrity Bank will be taking banking to unparalleled levels.”

Integrity Bank’s official opening is the culmination of an eight-month endeavor by Gibson and nine, high-profile organizers, to create a bank that fulfills, what they believe are, currently unmet banking needs in the Harrisburg area.

Ron Drnevich, President, Gannett Fleming, Inc. and Integrity Board member explained, “Successful community banks have developed across the nation* as a result of the merger of large institutions and the lack of local, personalized service and decision making that they provide.” He continued, “Bigger isn’t always better. There is a strong need and desire in Harrisburg for a bank that is community and people oriented and it is our plan to fill that need.”

*According to Barron’s (March 3, 2003), some 1,416 community banks with assets under 1 billion have been chartered since ’94 seeking to fill the void created by the banking industry’s consolidation with their returns averaging 10-15% in recent years even amidst a downturned economy.

Community Support for Bank’s Launch Evident

Strong confidence in Gibson and the Board members, and their plan for Integrity Bank has been evidenced by their success in attracting over $8,000,000 in stock subscriptions to the Bank’s initial offering far exceeding the $6,000,000 required by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. Continued demand for investment opportunities beyond the 8 million dollar cap has created a waiting list of those wanting to buy into Integrity which can be used by initial investors who may need to resell their stock at a higher price.

“We have raised in eight months what often takes start-up banks at least two years to gather according to industry expectations,” said Gibson. “What makes it even more impressive is the fact that we accomplished this while creating the Bank’s unique product offerings, developing a logo, brand and communications campaign, and designing the innovative Integrity Building model during an economic slowdown peppered with uncertainties of war.”

Gibson, a well-known leader in the Central Pa. banking community, led Commerce Bank as President/CEO for a 13-year tenure ending in 2002. Gibson’s exceptional leadership during his tenure was reflected in Commerce Bank’s 2001 annual report which stated “… the company’s strong performance evidenced by a ten year average annual return on shareholders value of 32%.” and “…the company’s stock price increased by 44% during 2001.”

Gibson’s departure from his previous position in 2002 has had no affect on the willingness of the investment community to support him in the new venture.

Steven Weingarten, Managing Partner, of Harrisburg Law Firm McNees, Wallace and Nurick and Integrity Bank Board member explained, “Before investing in Integrity, our firm did a thorough investigation of the underlying facts of Jim’s departure from that previous relationship and concluded to the satisfaction of 40 partners that it was in fact due to a disagreement regarding the future direction of that enterprise.”

Integrity Bank’s Business Model

According to Gibson, Integrity Bank’s retail model, featuring customer services and convenience unparalleled in Central Pa., is a mere reflection of his past successes with greatly improved and expanded offerings. While Integrity will participate in the business-lending arena, its innovative products and services will focus on the profitable retail and small business customers.

Consumer research and years of experience helped Gibson and his Board to define the core issues of a satisfied consumer.

Tony Schiano, President, Giant Foods and Integrity Board member explained, “Integrity Bank has been designed to give customers what they need, how they need it and when they need it, through more hours, faster service and better products.” He added, “Today’s time-strained consumers, swamped in the 8:00a.m. -5:00p.m. window, want banking and retail products and services that enhance their lives not further encumber them.”

In response to consumer demand, some of the services Integrity will offer include:

• More free ATM locations-nearly 900,000 worldwide

• More drive-thru lanes

• More tellers on duty during all banking hours

• More standard features in the Privileged Checking and Savings accounts

• Faster drive-thru service due to a revolutionary three-step system

• Faster teller service with shorter lines

• Faster access to your money anywhere without penalties or fees

• Better, no-bounce checking with no strings attached

• Better banking days-open 7 days a week,

• Better banking hours-- 74 total weekly hours

And of course,

A “More. Faster. Better.” Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, June 7th, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. at the new Integrity Bank Camp Hill branch located at 3345 Market Street. The celebration will include an introductory rate offer of 3% interest (APY) on Privileged Savings accounts (guaranteed for six months); an appearance and autograph signing by Super Bowl fullback Jon Ritchie; a selection of great gifts for opening accounts; and the opportunity to enter to win a vacation for 2 to the luxurious Breezes Bahamas SuperClub Resort.

Even as all of the details on the new Integrity Bank were being released, Gibson was asked how Integrity would compete against the existing banks and the big banks evolving in the region. In the confident manner that has empowered the Integrity team to reach this point Gibson responded, “ Considering the fact that we will have More ways to serve the customer, Faster services all around and Better product offerings, the real question is…how can the other banks compete against us?”



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