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Dear Shareholder and Friends:

Integrity Bank……What a success story! The performance records for Pennsylvania
De Novo banks continue to be shattered by Integrity Bank in assets, deposits, loans and earnings from operations.

The third quarter 2005 results continue to soar. As of September 30, 2005, Integrity Bank’s assets grew to $185 million compared to $96 million in September of 2004, a 93% increase. Deposits grew to $167 million compared to $79 million over the same time period last year, a 110% increase. Total loans grew 92%, from $79 million at September 30, 2004 to $152 million at September 30, 2005.

Even with opening two new branches in 2005, Integrity Bank reported higher earnings than any Pennsylvania new bank in its ninth full quarter of operation. Net income for the 3rd quarter 2005 was $291,000 compared to $38,000 for the 3rd quarter of 2004, a 657% increase. Even more amazing, this record income was reported after allocating $233,000 to loan loss reserves to support the bank’s dynamic loan growth.

The York branch, which opened in February 2005, has total deposits of $27 million while the New Cumberland branch, which opened in June has reached $17 million in deposits. The York branch reached profitability in only its 4th month of operation and the New Cumberland branch attained profitability at the end of its first 90 days of operation. This velocity continues to solidify the superiority of Integrity Bank’s business plan.

I sincerely want to express my appreciation to the Integrity Bank staff, the numerous shareholders who have brought their business as well as made many referrals to the bank, and our numerous supporters who have made this an incredible success story. I ask for your continued support.

As our brand continues to grow and the bank expands, we are looking forward to a fantastic future.



James T. Gibson


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