Savings Accounts

Integrity Bank offers a variety of personal account products with superior benefits, designed to meet your individual banking needs and provide easy access to your funds. Our branch locations on highly traveled roads are chosen for your convenience, and our innovative three-step drive-thru eliminates the “waiting game” you’ll find when you visit our competitors. Access your accounts 24/7 with our free online banking ( or bank by phone (717-920-3600). Enjoy higher interest rates, premier products and services, and the exceptional banking experience you deserve! Only at Integrity. 

Integrity Savings
Enjoy competitive interest earnings and no monthly service changes, with a minimum balance of $100. The minimum balance is waived for children under 18 whose parents bank with Integrity. Whether you have short or long-term saving needs, benefit from convenient access to your funds.

Privileged Savings
The Privileged Savings provides you a higher interest rate, along with all the benefits of the Integrity Savings, for a minimum balance of $2,500. Sign up for free online banking to monitor your exceptional monthly and year-to-date interest earnings.

Money Market Accounts
Integrity Bank offers money market accounts that earn a high rate of interest for a minimum balance of $5,000, have the liquidity of a savings account, and offer limited check-writing abilities.

Holiday Club
Have trouble saving for the holidays? An Integrity Bank Holiday Club savings account is the perfect answer. You can earn a competitive interest rate and have deposits automatically transferred to your Holiday Club account. You don't even have to make trips to the bank! Just in time for the holidays, the balance of the account is automatically withdrawn and sent to you in the form of a check.

Health Savings Accounts- Plan ahead for your medical needs!
Plan ahead for your medical needs with the Health Savings account. Regular contributions to your account can be utilized to pay for your current and future medical expenses. Experience convenient access to your funds when medical needs arise.